“Over the past 4 years SMPR has conducted many projects for Visa Australia, covering Marketing Strategy and Creative, Product Development, Merchant Acceptance and Sales. The fact that they have provided research across such a diverse group of functions in our business is a strong endorsement of the work they do for us. There is a great quality about their research – it is thorough, thoughtful, and clear. And we like the creativity in their presentations. SMPR does good work!”

Peter Currey
former Head of Marketing, Visa Australia and New Zealand (now VP Marketing South East Asia, Visa Worldwide Pte Limited)

“Cellarmasters has enjoyed a very successful partnership with SMPR on several research projects in the recent past. Their work in field is carried out with the utmost dedication and professionalism, and the team here at Cellarmasters has repeatedly found Hugo, Dawn and the team to be absolutely on the money in terms of their insights and recommendations. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any organisation planning a customer or market research programme.”

Alistair McCall
Head of Customer Management, The Wine Quarter (Woolworths Liquor Group)

“Working with SMPR has been a very easy experience. Hugo, Dawn and the team work with our business as an equal partner and constantly look for ways to add value to our working relationship. As a result of their professional approach, detailed proposals and willingness to meet face-to-face to discuss our business needs, our market research approach has developed and is more effective today than it was 12 months ago.”

Paul Kennedy
Director Asia Pacific Strategic Marketing – Infectious Diseases, Janssen-Cilag

“Partnering with SMPR to conduct the CMRI brand positioning study has enabled me to achieve substantial buy-in for marketing communications development from all major institute stakeholders in a very short period of time. SMPR understand complexity and adopt high level strategic thinking to recommend the most appropriate research approach. They demonstrated effortless management of our multi-phase research project with specific deliverables and strict time parameters; every phase of the CMRI brand positioning study was delivered on time and on budget with clear and actionable recommendations. SMPR is team oriented, responsive and fun to work with too! My expectations of working with SMPR were more than realised, they were exceeded.”

Suzy Sotirias
former Head of Marketing & Communications, Children’s Medical Research Institute

“We have worked with SMPR consistently for the last two years and the three things I have come to value highly in this time are:
1) The team always challenge themselves in terms of the “so what” of the research outcomes leading to practical and commercial recommendations. 2) Each piece of work appears to build naturally on the previous work. This is incredibly valuable in terms of giving context to the specific work and the recommendations. 3) The team are very client centric. If they feel there would be limited value in further researching a topic, they are very upfront in telling you this.”

Brad Banducci
Director, Woolworths Liquor Group

“ACON has been working with SMPR for almost six years now across most of our key health promotion campaigns and market research on our priority targets. Their methodology, their in-depth understanding of our quite sensitive issues, the quality of their analysis and presentations have been consistently excellent. They always deliver beyond briefs with clear, easily actionable communication strategy recommendations. And it is a real pleasure to work with the SMPR team.”

Yves Calmette
Principal Planner, Engagement Strategies, ACON

“Many researchers say they contribute to the strategy, only to bombard you with directionless data. The SMPR team actually delivers: giving insightful, objective, fact-based advice in both project design and in results assessment. It’s not always what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear, and that makes for a truly valuable partner.”

Colin Jowell
Partner, UDKU

“SMPR have always delivered us solid, professional and well thought through insights that are superior to those the multi-national agencies typically deliver. A testament to the quality of work they deliver is that our clients have now started to independently engage them.”

Ed Lodens
Director, Visa Consulting, Visa Worldwide Pte Limited

“Over the eight years eBay has worked with SMPR, they have helped us achieve a rich and actionable understanding of our customers. SMPR is more than just a research agency, they’re one of eBay’s trusted business advisors, assisting with the formulation of marketing and strategic plans that align with customer needs and motivations.”

Todd Alexander
Director, Customer Experience, eBay Australia and New Zealand

“I have worked with SMPR for many years on projects across several different parts of the business. Over this time, they have played a key role in not only uncovering deep consumer and market insights, but also making sense of these insights and turning them into clear actions and implications for the business. They consistently produce a very high standard of work and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best quality outputs. They are one of our most valued research partners.”

Maysoon El-Ahmad
Head of Customer Insights – Supermarkets, Woolworths Limited

“When we were first introduced to Hugo and Dawn, we immediately felt comfortable that we could develop a long-term relationship with them. Working with them on the best strategy for our firm was an absolute delight – they wanted to learn about us and took the time to do so. This resulted in a customised client survey we could use to engage with our clients. The results were illuminating, and SMPR was able to convert data into information through their thoughtful interpretation to assist us with our decision making.”

Rick Walker
Executive Director and Principal Adviser, APW Partners

“I can’t recommend SMPR highly enough. They are a great team who work collaboratively, and more importantly they are strategic thinkers that truly add value. Having worked on a project that spanned over four months, they provided us with the sharp insights we needed, never let us down from a service perspective and consistently provided the support that we needed”

Nitsa Lotus
General Manager, Whybin TBWA