Hugo Stokes
Hugo is a market research specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in research, strategy planning and communications.

Over this time, he has lead research studies for a diverse mix of major Australian and global organisations, businesses, and brands.

He is skilled at uncovering and crafting powerful insights and translating them into crystal clear implications for his clients.

A small team
of senior researchers

Founded in 2007, SMPR is a boutique market research consultancy headed by Hugo Stokes.

We specialise in bespoke market research for service sector clients across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our expertise encompasses such diverse industries as Communications, Digital and e-commerce, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Health, Housing, Retail, Roads & Transport, Tourism and Water. We work with all kinds of organisations, including corporations, SMEs, government entities and not-for-profits.

Our aim is to provide market research that illuminates, clarifies and guides our clients to make better decisions. We thrive on challenges and are unafraid of working with you through problems that are complex or unfamiliar.

We are a small team of senior researchers, with an established network of specialist and freelance research consultants to expand our resources when necessary.