We specialise in bespoke market research for the service sector. We enjoy wrapping our minds around the wealth of challenges faced by service sector organisations, and helping our clients to succeed in a competitive environment that changes at lightning speed. Accordingly, our projects range from strategic to tactical, from straightforward to complex, from routine to unfamiliar, and from large to small.

EXPLORATORY INSIGHT GENERATIONUncover your customers’ needs, understand the cultural context, walk a mile in your customers’ shoes
STRATEGIC MARKET SEGMENTATIONSegment your market, identify your priority segments, understand their mindset, purchase drivers and needs
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND SERVICE STRATEGYUnderstand the customer experience, design service strategy, improve performance
BRAND STRATEGY AND POSITIONINGSee your brand through the eyes of your customers, understand your competitive positioning, develop customer-led brand architecture
DIAGNOSIS AND PROBLEM DEFINITIONSize and prioritise your challenges, identify root causes, develop and evaluate solutions
INNOVATION AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTIdeate and co-create with your customers, test and refine new ideas, optimise your product and pricing
ADVERTISING AND COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENTDevelop your communications strategy, explore and refine creative, evaluate the impact of your campaigns
ONLINE COMMUNITY STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENTCreate on-tap customer insight, increase your agility, get more bang for your research buck